Question your place in the industrial machine - 3D printing as art by Jose Antonio Picazo

jose antonio picazo 3d printing art

Need to know:

Opening this Thursday at ONEstudio is 'Mecanizados', the first art exhibition in Valencia to be created using 3D printing

Artist Jose Antonio Picazo printed the new pieces in his Russafa studio. They are artworks that speak to us about the industrial machine - both their industry-like forms and the mechanical nature of their creation.

Picazo's art asks how we are changed by the industrialisation of our society. His previous work in paint questioned what we lost and gained with the industrial revolution. Now 'Mecanizados' takes this a step further. Picazo's new use of 3D technology is a metaphor for how our humanity is being shaped today - by the needs of today's industry and by future, roboticized technology.

Human beings, Picazo fears, have 'become a mere component of the productive system, where we dedicate ourselves to attend to our work obligations'. 

'Our alienation', he says, 'has reached a point where we value ourselves simply because of our working condition'.

With 'Mecanizados', Picazo urges us to reconsider the industrialised, isolating nature of our work. Then to question society's drive towards roboticisation. It's an urgent call to action, before we sleep-walk into a reality we may not want.


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